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100% Cashmere combed tops, 50gr.

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Weight: 0.05 kg
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100% cashmere combed tops, 50gr.
Thick fiber 12-14 microns
Origin: Pakistan
Production: Italy
Felting with cashmere. Tutorial for beginners.

Natural Cashmere - is a down (undercoat) from cashmere mountain goats, that live in the northern regions of India, China, Nepal and Pakistan.

Cashmere is an expensive and rare material. Products are characterized by lightness and is a very pleasant to touch. Down for cashmere products are token manually on spring. One goat per year gives only 150-200 grams of raw (primary) cashmere. After cleaning, lint processing remains only 80-120 grams.

In order of the above reasons cashmere is only a supplement to the composition of wool or jersey (usually add no more than 5%).
It is also successfully used by masters in the wet felting, combined with sheep wool. Cashmere wool is spread over a thin layer in places where it will be in contact with the skin and not only.

Felted products with cashmere and its composition is ideal for people with very sensitive skin or children's clothes and accessories.

By itself, cashmere does not felt, as it has a completely different structure of hair, unlike sheep wool.

Price per 50 grams.
Tax applicable only for EU countries.
шикарная шерсть и какая нежная !!!посылка пришла за 11 дней...очень быстро. Впервые заказывала у вас и осталась очень довольной. Спасибо Вам!
Валяется легко. Кашемир+16мкр.меринос+шелковые волокна+ваша Вискоза, полотно шикарное!!! Спасибо!!!
Отличная шерсть! 16 мкрн - просто нежнейшая!!!
успехов вам и процветания!
Quite possibly the softest roving I have ever felt. It's super easy to spin from, and I can't wait to use the yarn I made for my next project
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