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Pink – wool and silk dye.

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Weight: 0.02 kg
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Dyes for wool and silk. 
Swiss acid dye for wool, to dye 0.5kg of material.

1. Dissolve the dye hot water.
2. Wet the material that will be painted in warm water.
For the 0.5kg of material is needed about 14-15l water.
3. Add 50g basic salt to the dye bath for 0.5 kg of material.
4. When the temperature reaches 40-50 degrees of dye bath, add the dye and then the material that will be painted.
5. Slowly increase the temperature, when it reaches 60-70 degrees, add citric acid or vinegar:
- For light colors 1-1.5packet citric acid or vinegar 175ml for 0.5kg of material
- For dark colors 1-2 packet of citric acid or vinegar 375ml for 0.5kg of material
6. Time painting from 60min to 90min, depending on the desired color intensity.
7. It is necessary to rinse well in warm and then in normal water.

Use protective equipment: a mask, gloves and an apron!

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